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The Perfect Surprise Proposal In The Winter

Are you searching for the perfect surprise proposal idea? Well I have many my friends!! If it’s winter time in Minnesota than quite a few of them include a flight somewhere above freezing, but this one may be a little more practical and could very well still lead you to the same response you’re hoping...

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    What your Intimate Wedding could look like at Sable Inn Bed & Breakfast | Foley, MN

    If you want your wedding day (or wedding weekend;) to be intimate, relaxed, peaceful and full of natural beauty, consider the new venue just West of Foley, Minnesota. While new to the wedding industry, Sable Inn Bed & Breakfast is a renovated 1901 home filled with character and old world charm. Bill and Sandy Stevens...

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      MS Diagnosis Inspires Travel | Sanibel Island, FL

      When Shaina Gottwalt of Royalton Mn was diagnosed with MS at the young age of 23 she had two choices…let it define her or let it inspire her. She chose wisely and has followed Oscar Wilde’s advice since, “live life with no excuses and travel the world with no regrets.” Here is Shaina’s story: “It’s...

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      • lorie

        Great story, you are right on target. Keep resetting the clock and keep great people around you… Good work on the photos .ReplyCancel

      • Samantha

        Oh what a story!! I love that she documented this difficult time in her life and what an honor it must have been to capture it for her/them. Love when folks turn something bad into something inspiring.ReplyCancel

      • What an inspiring story! And a beautiful way to document these memories for her and her family at Sanibel Island.ReplyCancel

      • YES!  This is the way to live your life.  ReplyCancel

      • Justyna

        I need more beach time in my lfe! GahReplyCancel

      • Olivia

        This post brought tears to me eyes. Such a raw, beautiful story. The photos are so strong and show just how strong she is. Lovely work. ReplyCancel

      • I love how pictures can help a healing process. You captured this so well and your images are stunning!ReplyCancel

      • Mollie Adams

        What a beautiful story and beautiful photos! ReplyCancel

      • Man, I cannot imagine being diagnosed with MS, even with family members being diagnosed. This is so inspiring! ReplyCancel

      Badlands National Park Adventure

      We know it’s important to hire a professional photographer to document our wedding day, our newborn, and our child’s senior year, but what about the most valuable time in your life…the only time that is a guarantee…the present? “Now” is the moment we should live for; the moment we should embrace. We can work for...

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      • I like that you emphasized the importance of photographing keepsakes for “now” rather than always just at big life moments like weddings etc. Totally true! Thank you for sharing your Badlands photos, it is a totally different world than Vancouver Island here in BC. Keep up the great work and keeping it real by appreciating the moments that make up the daily. ReplyCancel

      • Awhhh these are so precious! And what a beautiful landscape! ReplyCancel

      • Oh, what a great adventure! The Badlands National Park is a dream place! Your pictures are amazing and I like the subtle pastel tones. And of course what to say about your little one? She looks amazing and your pictures do justice to how cute she is. I really believe that the true beauty of life lies in the moments that we spend with the people that we love and it is a treasure to be able to freeze these moments in time through your pictures. ReplyCancel

        • Definitely. That’s the greatest gift photography gives people…you get to relive those moments over and over! And I’ll let my little babe know. She likes to be told she’s cute:)ReplyCancel

      • Oh my gosh I love this – it looks like Jumpingpound here in Alberta!!! <3 what special moments for you two to share over the years!ReplyCancel

      • I love the Badlands… I can’t wait to go back! You captured it beautifully!ReplyCancel

      • Kate H

        Your daughter is lovely! I visited the Badlands back in 1999 when I first travelled America, and its always been one of my favourite locations. Beautiful imagesReplyCancel

      • The Badlands are such an inspiring! It’s sandstone cliffs amaze me. I love how you mixed your daughter love for adventure with such a wild landscape. Beautiful!ReplyCancel

      • What a fun shoot, you can definitely see her personality in every photo!ReplyCancel

      • What a fun adventure in the Badlands! Love your photos!ReplyCancel

      Bridal Inspiration In a Medieval Village | Castle Combe, England

      A young woman, her beauty as breathtaking as her surroundings, stands before a quaint, old English Village. Castle Combe is a picturesque medieval village in the beautiful Cotswolds where it once served as a thriving wool trade center, and now holds the ability to transport you back in time…or so it seems. Like the calm...

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      • These photos are so beautiful! These literally threw me back a couple decades with how vintage they look. Beautiful work!ReplyCancel

      • These bridal portraits are amazing! I love the ones by the blue door. Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful location. ReplyCancel

      • Ok, I am fully obsessed with these photos! Gosh, I love the English countryside and you did such an incredible job capturing it. Ready to hop on a plane right now.ReplyCancel

        • Thank you so much! It’s definitely one of those places you need to experience in person:)ReplyCancel

      • Caroline

        Ooh I love Castle Combe! Beautiful photos and love the dress! ReplyCancel

      • What a gorgeous shoot. I love the romance of it!ReplyCancel

      • What an absolutely lovely set of images! You did an amazing job at capturing the village. Makes me want to visit England again soon!ReplyCancel

        • Thank you! And I love when people use the word lovely to describe it because that of course is one of their favorite words in England:)ReplyCancel

      • alycia

        these are soooo romantic and wanderlusty!ReplyCancel

      • Wedding there! Yes please. Such an amazing place. I feel the vibesReplyCancel

      • Samantha C Schaub

        What a beautiful story! I love the poetry, you’re an excellent story teller! Gorgeous images!ReplyCancel

      • This is so beautiful and timeless, the colors remind me of paintings from a early time.ReplyCancel

      • Justyna

        That place took my breath away! All the textures of the buildings! ReplyCancel

      • Mollie

        WOW this is amazing! So elegant and beautiful! ReplyCancel

      One-On-One Mentoring in Nashville, Tennessee

      When the ever so sweet photographer, Natalie Zuzart reached out for some business guidance, I knew I had to meet her on her own turf and head to Nashville, Tennessee. We met up for coffee at “Ugly Mugs”, chatted about EVERYTHING wedding photography related from Timelines to Gear, to Pricing and Branding. We stayed there...

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        Sunrise at Split Rock | Honeymoon Inspiration

        Your life as a married couple is about to begin. It’s a clean slate to start etching your hopes, values and dreams you wish to accomplish together. How about embracing this new page of life as the sun rises over Split Rock Lighthouse on the rocky shores of Lake Superior? While the warm glow of...

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        • Lama

          I’m in love with the colors of your edits! Great post and also the detail shots are spot on! ReplyCancel

          • Thank you so much! Shooting film has helped me fine-tune my tones big time;)ReplyCancel

        • Sunrise sessions have such a special place in my heart!!  And this location is GOALSReplyCancel

        • Kya

          Yay Lake Superior Love!! So beautiful, I want to be on the beach eating those cinnamon rolls too!! ReplyCancel

        • I love these tones! The sunrise lightening made it even more powerful!!!ReplyCancel

        • THIS LOOKS LIKE AN AMAZING HONEYMOON SPOT. Beautiful photography!ReplyCancel

        • Great story! I love your colors, all it look so calm and peaceful! And I also like the selection of photos in order couple-stones-sweets 🙂 ReplyCancel

        • Very beautiful!ReplyCancel

        • Sarandy

          These are such sweet shots! Great work! Also, I want her ring BADReplyCancel

        • April

          Your attention to detail and surroundings is breathtaking!ReplyCancel

        10 Year Anniversary | Noerenberg Gardens, Lake Minnetonka

        Oh this family…they sure tug at your heart strings. It was both a blessing and honor to be able to document such a special and meaningful time in their lives. This is RJ and Kathie’s beautiful story… WHAT ARE YOUR PROUDEST MOMENTS IN THE LAST 10 YEARS? Our girls are obviously our proudest accomplishment. We...

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        • Doreen Pettinger

           Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family inside and out.ReplyCancel

        Waffle Breakfast Anniversary Shoot | Blue Vista Farm, Bayfield

        Oh where do I start??? This was such a special shoot of some of my favorite people. I just met Mollie and Isaac last summer, but I instantly fell in love with their story. They are incredible parents, live a healthy lifestyle, own a “new to them” motel that requires a lot of their attention...

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          Vow Renewals on the Coastal Shores of Point Reyes, California

          From a spark, ignited a bud, from a bud grew a flower, from a flower came a garden. Melisa and Laif fell in love and a few years after marriage, they added another love to their lives. With their focus now turned to nurturing and loving their beautiful son, Oliver, they decided to pause for...

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          • April

            Their joy is infectious. Also, love me some windy photos. ReplyCancel


          • Oh my gosh this is amazing! I am LOVING the black and white photos that are throughout this post. You did such a great job capturing their emotions! ReplyCancel

          • Oh my gosh I am loving this session! The black and white photos throughout the post are amazing. Well done at capturing the emotions!ReplyCancel

          • What a dreamy location! I also love the details you captured, and I love how she plays with the wind in her hair and dress. Such a gorgeous set of images!ReplyCancel

          • Lexi

            This california Vow renewal is so amazing! I loVe your whimSical style! ReplyCancel

          • This location is simply breathtaking, and you captured their love beautifully!ReplyCancel

          • Madelyn

            Wow these are so good. That dress is so pretty. Great job.ReplyCancel

          • flora

            WHAT A BEAUTIFUL POINT REYES ANNIVERSARY SESSION!! i love your film tones.ReplyCancel

          • Larissa

            AHHH!!! I love how green it is!!! You chose the perfect location for their vow renewal! And the color of her dress is to die for! Beautiful work!ReplyCancel

          • Stephanie Betsill

            Are you sure this isn’t in ireland!!?? SO beautiful!!!ReplyCancel

          • This looks like it should be over in england somewhere, not california! such gorgeous photos they will treasure forever!ReplyCancel

          • Oh my gosh, these are so beautiful! I love how point reyes can look like scotland — so lush and green! ReplyCancel

          • What a killer location and I love her dress.ReplyCancel


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