I’m all about creating.

Creating a feeling. Creating a story. Creating an Xsperience.

And yes, I do know how to spell:)  My last name is spencer…do you see the letters there after the X?  After photographing everything from high school sports to weddings (over 200…wow), I learned that I only truly loved the final product when the creating experience was enjoyable, meaningful and filled with beauty on the inside and out.  So now I photograph things that allow me and my subjects an experience such as that.  Outdoor Adventures, Elopements, Intimate Weddings and yes, even the bigger weddings can be enjoyable with proper preparation!

My shooting style is a combination of fine art film photography and journalistic.  I shoot my sessions in the beautiful evening or early morning light with film in order to get the delicate realness my images portray and I keep my digital camera close by at weddings to capture the fleeting candid moments we all cherish.

Check out the DETAILS and let’s begin creating a story!


Give yourself permission to stop; there's healing & beauty in the pause.