Xsperience Photography was created to inspire beautiful souls looking to document meaningful connections on their wedding day, anniversary or throughout life.  Life is truly beautiful, but sometimes it passes by so quickly that we don’t see the beauty or truly experience the feelings attached. A photograph allows us to pause moments long enough to see and feel the joy, love, sincerity and passion we encounter in even the most subtle actions.


Trisha has been a professional wedding photographer since 2002. After photographing close to 300 weddings, she saw some beautiful moments, enduring love, and genuine emotions that undoubtedly led her to believe this is her soul purpose. On the flip side, she saw stress, lashing out at loved ones, and people staring at their phones more than the beautiful couple front of them. Being someone who believes a photograph has the power to reignite the feelings attached to the moment, she turned her passion into shooting intimate weddings, beautiful elopements and adventures where people are genuinely enjoying the experience.


Trisha’s style is a combination of fine art film photography and journalistic.  All sessions take place in the beautiful evening or early morning light to get the delicate realness her images portray.


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