With technology rapidly changing, the photography industry must continuously change as well. It's hard to keep up on our end and I'm sure it's confusing on your end! I'm an old-fashioned gal still incorporating film in my work, so I have a love-hate relationship with it all. Here are some answers to help understand the whole process.

What is an online gallery?

Computers no longer have a CD slot and some don't recognize flash drives anymore either. An online gallery gives you the ability to download your images directly to your computer so you don't need an external device.

can we print our own?

You receive full printing rights meaning you can print wherever and whatever you'd like now or in the future. I also recommend ordering some professional products from the gallery. There's something special about having a product in hand vs an image on your screen; and if your computer crashes or your external device doesn't work down the road, you still have your memories.

can we share on social media?

Please share away!! ...but we still own the copyrights so don't alter the images in any way and credit @xsperiencephotography.

how long is my gallery online?

You have one month to order and download your images. They can be re-uploaded within 6 months for a $45 archival fee. The images take up a lot of space and we are busy photographers!!


how far in advance do you book?

We usually fill a mid-Summer/Fall Saturday a year or more in advance so don't hesitate. If I'm booked I can give you referrals or hire my awesome Associate Shooter to cover your day!

what is planning "assistance"?

After photographing 300+ weddings and traveling around the world, we have valuable advice and resources to help you find a great location and respectable vendors. We can even refer you to a full wedding planner if you desire more "day of coordination".

Do you offer custom collections?

Our Collections give you a base and the add-ons help you customize on your own terms. However, if none fit your budget, please discuss your vision and we can see what we can do for you.

tell us about the gallery?

Your images are given to you in an online gallery where you can download full-res images and your guests can download web-sized images. YES, they too get something and it truly is a great gift from you! The gallery is online for one month.

what is a highlight video?

We capture special moments in action throughout the day and create a one song video for you to share with your friends.

business QUESTIONS

Do you travel?

I love to travel! It makes a session or wedding day feel so much more special when you go the extra mile (literally;) It is time-consuming however, and I miss my girls, so I have a small travel fee depending on the time of year we take the adventure.

do you only shoot weddings?

I "Trisha" specialize in weddings and elopements, but love when I can squeeze in a couple sessions a week. When I am booked or slightly out of budget, my trustworthy Associate Photographers fill my shoes well!

i see "pop-Ups" on your menu...what is that?

Sometimes instead of sleeping, I dream up ideas that would be fun and beautiful. The Pop-Ups are pre-planned adventures great for Elopements, Anniversaries, Vow Renewals or meaningful family outings. All you have to do is claim it and we're ready to roll!!!

what is your style?

I love the look of good ole fashioned film. It's just so pretty and true to life. I want you to look at your images in 10 years and still love the look. I'm a down to earth, real girl so my work reflects that. If you want the photoshopped, fake look, I'm not your gal!


Minnesota based, Travel encouraged.

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