Badlands National Park Adventure

We know it’s important to hire a professional photographer to document our wedding day, our newborn, and our child’s senior year, but what about the most valuable time in your life…the only time that is a guarantee…the present?

“Now” is the moment we should live for; the moment we should embrace. We can work for a better tomorrow, but that often times leaves us just “working”. I must confess, I am a workaholic. I love my job therefore I could do it every day and still enjoy life (other than the bloodshot eyes…those I could do without), so it is important I create memorable adventures for me and my daughters to enjoy together. Lucky for me I get to combine my love of photography and travel, giving us the opportunity to reflect on these special moments for many years to come. Photographs have the power to remind you of the fleeting times that pass by and the ability to recreate the feelings hidden deep within. Sometimes they even generate deeper feelings and emotions then you allow yourself to feel in the given moment.

My free-spirited 5 year old, Layna, is an adventurer at heart and has a personality big as the world she lives in. My goal was to create a photoshoot that represented her to the fullest, while also creating some real authentic memories along the way. Our “almost annual” family trip we’ve taken since I was little, is a road-trip to the Black Hills so I chose the nostalgic Badlands National Park for a backdrop and continued West to the Black Hills of South Dakota where we shared some more adventures (some documented, some just enjoyed in the moment:)

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