Sedona Sunset Elopement | LGBTQ Friendly

Love is love. It presents itself in many different forms and at many different stages throughout our lives. Some find true love in high school, some in 1st grade (pretty sure my 1st grader has a big crush and they seem awfully compatible;). Some find love in their 20’s when they are ready to start a new chapter, others find it in their late 30’s early 40’s when they finally know themselves enough to give 100% to another soul (fingers crossed there’s still hope for me lol). Some are destined at birth to marry their mom’s best friend’s boy, while some find their own path… a “road less traveled path”, that regardless of opinion, leads to self-fulfillment, happiness and a reason to become the best version of themselves. This is what love is all about. Yes, us small town rural gals here at Xsperience Photography are LGBTQ friendly, because we LOVE love and are blessed anytime we have the opportunity to show it off!!

For Jamie and Frankie, it happened at work when they least expected it. It started off as a friendship and easily blossomed into more.

“Frankie and I met when I started working at Culinary Dropout a few years ago. I had been working in a marketing office after I graduated college and realized it wasn’t for me so I decided to go back to serving for the time being. I had gone into a few places before stopping into Culinary, and they were the only restaurant that hired me on the spot. We didn’t really talk at first, but once we did it never stopped. We would harass our coworkers to switch shifts around so we could work together and then stay out until 4AM just because we didn’t want to go home. We went from strangers to two people who would do anything to be around each other & here we are 2 years in and I still can’t get enough of her. Frankie has the biggest heart you would ever know and will go to the ends of the earth for the people that she loves. I say it all the time, but Frankie flipped my life upside down in the most beautiful way and I will never be able to thank her enough.” ~Jamie

“If you would have told me two years ago that Jamie was going to change my life, honestly I probably would have laughed. I really didn’t think of her that way until we started talking more, and next thing I knew I was doing anything to spend more time with her at work. Literally harassing people to swap shifts with me just so I could see her for a few hours 😂 the more we hung out at work and after our shifts for drinks, the more I learned about what an amazing human she is. Jamie is the kindest, sweetest, most gentle soul. She has the type of smile that could light up an entire room in a matter of seconds. Her laugh is contagious. She is hands down one of the funniest, most down to earth girls I know. Never in a million years did I think a girl like her would fall in love with me. Now, here we are two years later, falling more and more in love with each other. Jamie makes me want to be a better person every single day. The love that I have for her is unmatched, unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. I’m the luckiest girl in the world, and it’s because Jamie is my partner. Soulmates are a real thing, and I’m so happy I found mine.” ~Frankie

Yes, Xsperience Photography is LGBTQ friendly, because we love LOVE and are blessed any time we get to show it off to the world. And if you can’t see the love between these two beautiful young ladies, then there are deeper things you should be evaluating then your opinion on who should love who;)

Or maybe you just need more convincing so we created this fun highlight video…

Sedona Elopement Highlight Video by Samantha Rule of Xsperience Photography

As far as this Elopement… it takes place at sunset in the beautiful land of Sedona Arizona. The famous Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock serve as the epic backdrop. It was styled by Traci Edwards, a Sedona based Elopement Photographer, for the LOVE ON EARTH workshop. Samantha (the awesome videographer) and I decided it was time to broaden our horizons, fuel the soul, and find joy in creating beautiful love stories in a warmer state than Minnesota!!

Photography + Video: Xsperience Photography | Love on Earth Workshop Hosts: Traci Edwards of Adventure and Vow, and Malachi Lewis of Shellcreek Photo based in Colorado | Dresses: and Raw Golden Rentals | HMUA: Face it by Sarah | Vow Books: Lauren Yvonne Design





Minnesota based, Travel encouraged.

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