NFL Football Player Surprises Girlfriend With Proposal At His Family’s Lake Home

I’m sure you’ve all seen that surprise proposal where a professional Football player has his girlfriend attempt to kick the football in front of hundreds of fans, only to whip out an engagement ring instead. Well NFL player Joe Haeg had something else in mind. Instead of hundreds of fans, he wanted to keep it personal. He invited his and Nichole’s immediate family to Nichole’s family home in Baxter, Minnesota located in the beautiful Brainerd Lakes area. They helped turn an ordinary family day into something incredibly sweet and memorable!!

Joe said he used to visit Nichole’s family home when they first started dating and thought, even back then, the long path to the lake would make the coolest engagement proposal spot. Hmmm…must be “the one” when a guy starts dreaming up a proposal idea huh;) After meeting Nichole and seeing her spunky, family oriented, free-spirit, I can see why the two compliment each other so perfectly.

“Our song is Greatest Love Story by LANCO in reference to how we had so many little dates in high school, but in fear of ruining our friendship, we always shied away. Then after some time away he asked me out for drinks. We both immediately had all the same feelings and knew it wasn’t just friendship anymore, but the love we always hoped to find in a partner. Once we spoke the words we knew the rest was history and our families said “finally.” They supported both of us as individuals and couples which strengthened our relationship. Joe knew he needed them there to not only have their support, but to show how their love has shaped us to today.”


While Joe wanted to keep it personal, we insisted on documenting this fun moment on video as well, so enjoy watching it unfold in action after scrolling through these heartfelt images.






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