Kaitlin+Alex | Elegant Succulent Wedding

I am slightly obsessed with Kaitlin and Alex’s wedding.  It was partly because of the casualness and simplicity, but mostly because the succulents used for decor and guest gifts were amazing!  I’m actually still kicking myself for not sticking a couple in my camera bag before I left;)

Some words from Kaitlin: “I’m sure everyone says their favorite part about their wedding day is marrying their best friend so we aren’t very original when saying that. It truly was the most perfect day; everything I imagined it to be! I am especially ecstatic that I got a few tears out of Alex…he’s sorta a “tough guy”. I think I’ve only seen one tear in the 3+years we’ve been dating.”

About HIS ring: “Alex’s wedding ring is his Grandpa Harlan’s wedding ring. He passed 6 years ago. He was a very significant person to Alex. He even has a memorial tattoo on his left forearm and would love to name his first son after him. (I’m not sold on it yet, but we will see when the time comes:)

About HER ring: “Alex had my ring designed and honestly, I wasn’t a big fan at first. It was a bit too symmetrical for my taste. But of course I grew to love it and now I’m happy that it was a complete surprise and no other girl has one like it. I also love that Alex put so much thought into the design. He said it symbolizes my type A personality and his spontaneous side. These differences, while challenging at times, makes us both more well-rounded people.”

And about those SUCCULENTS: “The most time consuming part about the wedding planning was taking care of our babies (aka succulents)…all 210 of them! I got them on Father’s Day and spent the good part of my summer taking care of them. I thought they would be rather easy since they are a desert plant, but I was proved wrong. They were actually quite temperamental. Not to mention they took up a quarter of our living room! Alex did do his share of carrying them in and out of the house so they could get more sun during the day. I secretly miss having them.”

Dress Designer-Mori Lee | Bridal Shop-Specialty House, St. Cloud | Suits-Men’s Wearhouse | Officiant-Griffin Dunlop | Flowers-Falls Floral | Rings-JF Kruse | Cake-Cold Spring Bakery | Hair and Makeup-Mantra Salon and Spa | Ceremony and Reception Venue-The Grands at Mulligans, Sartell, MN






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