North Shore Elopement at Black Beach | Marissa + Alex

Awww…young love…is there anything sweeter?! Marissa and Alex had the sweetest elopement at Black Beach in northern Minnesota this Fall. It was just them and I, and the incredible North Shore scenery of course. They began by exchanging personal vows, then warmed up with a fire on the black sand beach. After some snuggles, some cake, and an adventure around the beach, we headed to Palisade Head overlook for a romantic first dance at sunset.

What made you decide to elope? 

We wanted to focus on our love and just have a great time without the stress of a wedding and meeting everyone else’s expectations. Also, we plan on buying a home in the near future so we prefer to save for that vs spending it all on a big wedding.

Why did you choose to elope on the North Shore of Minnesota? 

We wanted to have something unique and make it really special by going somewhere we haven’t been before. The north shore is always gorgeous so we thought it would be the perfect place, and it was!  

What was your favorite part of your Black Beach Eloepement? 

We loved that we were able to spend the day together without the stress of other people and worrying about what they want instead of what we wanted.

Any tips or advice for engaged couples? 

Honestly just focus on each other and what you want for yourselves and not let other peoples opinions overshadow what you truly want.  

A few favorite lines from your vows since they were so beautifully written…

“If you asked me how many times you have crossed my mind, I would tell you only once, because ever since you have entered it, you haven’t left it once.”


“Just like today was a spur of the moment decision that’s what I love about us, we don’t have to think much about things to just get up and go  do them and that makes the best adventures and memories”


Goals for married life

Our goal is to essentially be there for each other no matter what and not let everything else going on in life distract us from making “us” a top priority. 

Minnesota Elopement Vendors

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Minnesota based, Travel encouraged.

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