Countryside Minnesota Elopement w/ Tree Planting Ceremony

You’re the kind of couple who enjoys the simple life, meaningful connections, a cold beer in your hand, and the peace and serenity only nature can provide. A countryside elopement or vow renewal here in Minnesota could be the perfect way to celebrate your love!

Slow down for a moment, then run free across the land. Enjoy your first dance with the sun peaking through the trees. Take a moment to have a beer and a few good laughs. Then plant a tree. Yes, I said plant a tree.

Watching a tree grow on your property is a constant reminder of where you began and what you’re fighting for. It’s a reminder that, while it grows naturally in its own time, it needs to be cared for. The following words were beautifully printed by Tiger Lily Invitations and make the perfect script for a small outdoor wedding ceremony or vow renewal celebration.

“A tree, like love, begins when a seed is planted. Planted with hope of a bright, long, happy future. But hope alone will not make the tree healthy and beautiful. It needs to be nurtured in order to grow. It requires constant attention. Your love must be like a tree. It will bend as it blows in the wind, but it shall not break. It must take what life gives it, and learn to adjust and adapt. We think fair weather means happiness; steady temperatures, little rain, and bright sun shiny days. But it’s the stormy weather that brings the challenge to hold through, and makes you come out stronger and wiser. You’ve probably weathered some storms, but what makes your love so special is that through it all you’ve remained rooted in your faith and continued to build this beautiful life together.”

Photography+Planning: Xsperience Photography | Calligraphy Script: Tiger Lily Invitations | Rings: JF Kruse Jewelers, St. Cloud MN | Film Lab: Photovision | Black Hills Spruce Tree: Doug Ploof Nursery and Tree Farm, Little Falls MN | Models celebrating 10 years of marriage: Erika & Peter Hansen

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