A Windy Dry Lake Bed Elopement | Boulder City, Nevada

Crackling sand beneath their feet, wind blowing her silky dress, and beautiful florals that reflected the natural tones in the desert and mountain tops; these are the elements that made Anne and Brian’s special day unique, romantic and simply beautiful.

I always envisioned a Vegas elopement with an Elvis officiant, in a casino, but when I visited the outskirts of town a few months back I knew it was capable of so much more than that. I wanted to create something that was classy and fun to show couples that a wedding can be affordable and leave you with memories and images that are just as beautiful. So I did what any other crazed photographer does when they’re excited about something…I threw out an offer that one lucky couple couldn’t refuse!!

“When we saw Trisha’s offer we jokingly said maybe we should get married next month. A few weeks went by and the thought was still in the forefront of our minds so we reached out thinking someone probably snagged it by now. Luckily it must have been meant for us! The hardest part for both of us was keeping it a secret so we decided to tell our family. We had some concerns being we both come from a strong Catholic faith, but we felt God wouldn’t have allowed the process to be so easy and smooth if He was against it. The fact that is sprinkled at the end of our ceremony made us even more excited, as it is rare in the desert and is a sign of good luck. Everything was so personal, fun and smooth. We would do it over again in a heartbeat!” ~Anne

Meaning behind the items pictured:

“Brian loves wheat pennies and has collected them since he was a kid. I put his 1919 wheat penny in my shoe because it’s 100 years old and I didn’t have a six pence. The women in my family have always thought it good luck to put a penny in your shoe if you find one lying heads up. Brian ended up finding one heads up while strolling in Vegas so that was pretty cool!”

“The earrings were borrowed from my best friend Marissa who I’ve known since 1st grade. The shoes were my something blue, and the dress was something new. The pocket watch was my great grandmother’s that my mom gave me for such an occasion as this.”


Photographer & Planner: Xsperience Photography | Flowers: Roots Flowers & Events | Officiant: Angie from Peachy Keen Unions | Dress: JJ’s House | Vow Books: Xsperience Photography | Vow Book Gold Dip Calligraphy: TSE Calligraphy | Handwritten Vows: Bobbie Flicek | Highlight Video: Xsperience Photography | Makeup: Jessica Combs | Hair: Liz Merten | Film Lab: Photovision Prints






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