Winter Horse Ranch Elopement Inspiration

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt from the heart.”-Helen Keller

Some believe horses have a special intuition, the ability to help people connect. Nothing could be more true as this couple affirms their love for one another on their family’s simple, relaxed horse farm. Central Minnesota winters have a special essence; the days are shorter, but the time is softer and slower. Nature has a way of accommodating for creatures both big and small. With its rhythm, nature has a special timing for everything, just as love does. She is confident in his arms and he sees her reflection in his eyes. Their elopement is true and a powerful testament to their love. Together, they will grow stronger in ways they never thought possible, the quintessence of nature.



Photographer & Planner: Xsperience Photography | Journal: Rustic Journals, Etsy | Dress: Amazon | Models: Adele Lies & Spencer Faber







Minnesota based, Travel encouraged.

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