An Intimate Sunrise Ceremony in Jupiter, Florida

I’d like to say Caroline and Bryan had their dream wedding April 20, 2021 in Jupiter, Florida, but unfortunately their dream started off with a much different vision. They initially had hopes for a big wedding, but Covid ruined that idea. After they accepted that a small zoom wedding would have to do, tragedy happened. One devastating thing after another, made them a stronger couple, and led them to this intimate sunrise ceremony that couldn’t have been more sweeter.

“Bryan and I got engaged right before the pandemic started. We wanted a big wedding with all our friends and family (my side coming from Brazil). We were about to hop on a plane to visit venues in Florida when the world shut down. Without knowing if we were gonna be able to have our big party, we signed the papers on April 21st 2020 in Colorado, where we used to live, without having any ceremony or anything. Time passed and we realized it was not gonna be possible to have our dream wedding so we opted for a zoom wedding in August 2020 in Colorado. It was gonna be just us and everybody else was going to attend through zoom. We had a website, save the dates, everything planned. Unfortunately Bryan lost his dad one day before our wedding. We had to cancel everything, deal with the grief, and a little bit later move our entire life to Florida to be with his mom.

After long months of grieving we finally decided we still wanted to celebrate our marriage. So on April 21st 2021, our 1 year anniversary, we had an intimate and absolutely beautiful ceremony at the beach. We chose the sunrise because that was Bryan’s dad favorite time of the day. The weather was supposed to be rainy and cloudy, but we didn’t care. All we wanted was to celebrate our love, doesn’t matter if it was under rain. But when we saw each other at the first time that day, when the sun was coming up, we knew Bryan’s dad was there blessing our marriage. There was no rain, no cloudy weather, just a beautiful sunrise. It was a magical day that we will cherish forever! It was perfect, sweet and full of love!”

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