A Sunrise Elopement At Bell Rock, Sedona

If any couple was meant to be married in Sedona, it is Sydney and Devon! Their authentic personalities and spiritual, but spunky nature fit right in with the soul replenishing views Sedona surrounds you with. They chose to elope at sunrise to avoid tourists since Bell Rock and Courthouse Vista are popular tourist attractions (rightfully so;). While Sedona is known for its beautiful weather, it must have known I came from Minnesota and wanted me to feel at home!! Sorry Sydney and Devon. My daughter swears cold weather follows me to make sure I always come home! Regardless, this savvy couple found adorable jackets at Blackbird Vintage located right here in Sedona. They were the perfect compliment to their bojo style and “helped” keep them a bit warmer on the brisk 32 degree morning.

How did this Minnesota gal get hired for such an amazing elopement in Sedona, Arizona?

It was meant to be!! Fate truly brought us together. Or maybe it was Instagram. Either way, we all agree it was meant to be:) Sydney and Devon already had a talented wedding photographer joining them from their home state of Washington, Kristianna McGee Photography. So for the first time I wasn’t hired for my photography skills. Instead, they reached out in a panic just a few days before the elopement because their videographer backed out on them. They searched the hashtags on Instagram and saw that I was on my way to Sedona to photograph an elopement. I’ll never take hashtags for granted again! I just so happened to be there for 5 days shooting a few engagements and one elopement and this was the ONLY morning I was free. Again…totally meant to be:)

Here’s a peek at one of the most sweetest, intimate elopements you’ll ever see. As well as the Voice of Anthony Flesch. He’s currently based in Sedona, but his South Africa accent and calm demeanor is one of the most soothing voices I’ve ever heard.

I always take a few images when working as a videographer just in case something happens to the photographers memory card, computer, etc. Here are a few I snapped on the fly. Posing done of course by Kristianna McGee!


Videographer: Xsperience Photography | These photos: Xsperience Photography | Main Photographer: Kristianna McGee Photography, Seattle, Washington | Jackets: Black Bird Vintage, Sedona AZ | Florals: Sedona Mountain High Flowers, Sedona AZ | Minister: Anthony Flesch, Sedona AZ





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