Adventure Couple’s Central MN Wedding

Jessica and Cody are the kind of couple that loves adventure, especially hiking out West, but a traditional Central Minnesota wedding also called to them. So they compromised! They headed out West to Buena Vista, Colorado for an adventurous engagement Session and exchanged vows in their hometown of Gilman, Minnesota. Then they partied the night away at Kelly Inn in St. Cloud.


What was your favorite part of the wedding day?

Finally being able to see each other and soak it all in. We loved having the first look followed by some alone time to read our letters. And of course, seeing all of our friends and family!

Why did you choose the
Kelly Inn for your Reception?

We chose Kelly Inn for the reception because it was local and a good space for all of our guests. It is also along the Mississippi River on the Beaver Island Trail, which we walked and biked on for years.

What was your goal for the Wedding day? 

We wanted to have fun with all of our loved ones! Many of our friends and family live far away, this was a great way to bring everyone together. Having their support on this day was very important to us.

Any tips or advice for engaged couples?

Less is more, and plan things early! Put trustworthy people in charge of helping you. Planning a wedding is no easy task.

Honeymoon plans…

We are working on buying a house so the honeymoon will come in a couple of years. The plan is to head overseas! We just have to decide where…

Goals for married life…

Continue to grow together, travel the world, and eventually have kids. We plan to enjoy the process in this next chapter!

Special thanks to-

Our family and friends, Xsperience Photography, Father Mathew, Mama’s in the Kitchen for our cake, Sterling Catering and Kelly Inn and every other person that contributed to make our day special!





Minnesota based, Travel encouraged.

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