Small Farm Wedding With Associate Photographer Sam

While Trisha was off photographing a Destination Wedding in Florida, Sam had the privilege of hanging out with these sweet people in Central Minnesota. Leah and Grant are the kind of people Xsperience Photography added an Associate Photographer for! It would have been so sad to say no to this intimate, heartfelt farm wedding. It was so personal, simple, family oriented, and focused on the two beautiful souls becoming husband and wife.

About The Wedding Day

“Our wedding day is a day that will forever be held in our memories with awe; like an incredible dream. It is everything and more than we expected thanks to our wonderful family, wedding party, and the best vendors imagined! The best part of our whole wedding day was seeing each other for the first time. The world seemed to stop turning, and the love for each other could be felt by the family gathered around.”

To make the magical moment even more special the ceremony was held at the bride’s family farm. It reflects the strong family traditions and the future goals of the couple. A great way to combine the past, present and future into one very special day!

The generations that called this farm home are proudly displayed on the serene white barn, with the newest addition, Leah and Grant.

“It has always been my dream to continue the tradition of owning the family farm and I met the perfect man who strives to make all my dreams come true. Now it is both our dream to keep the farm in the family and bring life back into the old land.”

How Was It Working With Xsperience Photography and Associate Photographer Sam Kuklok? 

“We would like to thank Xsperience Photography for the best services even more than we could have imagined. They have had strong communication with us about everything to expect with a timeline that met all our needs but still were flexible for the last-minute photos.

Sam came into the chaos of the wedding and felt like family instantly. She molded right into the group naturally and understood what photos we wanted to cherish and how to get the best of everything. We did not have one worry in regard to photos thanks to them. All the energy brought from them made it feel like a friend’s excitement about our special day! We cannot thank them enough for going above and beyond to support us and give us the best.”

Where Did You Host Your Wedding Celebration? 

“We chose Jack and Jim’s in Duelm, because aside from it being right down the road, it is one of our favorite wedding reception venues!

We want to thank Jack and Jim’s in Duelm for their unbelievable service. They took care of everything before we could even think of it. All the decorations looked stunning in their beautiful space it created the fairytale we envisioned to announce us as a married couple. The staff ensured everything stayed beautiful and all were well taken care of throughout the night. All the staff were the most welcoming and caring for every single guest and especially the bride and groom. We were blessed to have such a beautiful location with hardworking and welcoming staff.”

Any Last Words Before we Share Your Simply Beautiful Love-Story…             

“It is a day that we had dreamed of for a long time and while there were some parts we wish could go differently there were so many that took our breath away for us to cherish. None of this could be possible without the incredible support of the bride’s family to create a farm suited for a dazzling and magical wedding. The wedding party for going above and beyond their duties to show the love held between the couple.

Lastly, we want to thank our vendors while it is a typical day for work for them it is part of our memories we will never forget. All the work they put into our special day did not go unnoticed and will not be forgotten. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank everyone who helped our fairytale farm wedding be so much more than we dreamed it could be!”


“Our gorgeous flowers came from Foley Floral who helped bring all my visions to light! They took the dreams we had envisioned and transformed them into more than we could have hoped. The flowers brought everything together and helped bring in some colors to the beautiful day. These are the most relaxed and supportive people that were able to take a scatter of pictures and understand exactly what would make them look perfect!”

“The fairytale wedding dress came from Carrie Johnson Bridal in St. Cloud. They turned a day of nerves and uncertainty into a fun movie moment. Any dress you could imagine or want they had some form of it in their store. The service they provided is incredibly personalized based on trying out a few dresses they found me the dress that fit me and the occasion. It was a quick “I want this dress” when it was on I knew this is the dress! The quality of the dress and pricing made it possible for me to walk in with some vague ideas and walk out with my princess dress!”





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