Central Minnesota Wedding | Megan + Zachary Ziwicki

Headed back to my hometown of Foley in Central Minnesota to celebrate Megan and Zachary Ziwicki this summer. Talk about a FUN wedding!! Megan practically ran out the door pre-first look because she couldn’t wait to see her soon to-be-husband:) We started at New Life Church and then headed to St. Cloud to dance the night away at The Kelly Inn.

A few words from the bride…

“Zack and I met 5 years ago, playing on a summer co-ed softball team together. It was a summer to remember, but soon enough we both were heading to college, in two different directions, to pursue our careers in nursing. For two people who are “homebodies,” 68 miles away from one another seemed like forever away. Zack and I didn’t like the idea that we were never going to see one another as often anymore, so I came home every weekend and every school day off just to see him. After only a few short months went by, we knew we both wanted to be with one another for the rest of our lives. What seemed like a long 4 years later, Zack finally got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and I said YES before he even asked the question. We rode away in a horse carriage as a newly engaged couple and the wedding planning began.

Covid was a huge factor in our wedding planning, we set the date of June 26th, 2021 right away, but we were unsure this would even work. It was over a year after our engagement and covid was still prevalent. It was mid March and we were still unsure if we could have the wedding we wanted with all the family we wanted. It wasn’t until April when Governor Walz was lifting restrictions for indoor venues. This allowed us to confidently send out our invites to everyone in hopes that there would not be another spike in covid. The end of May all restrictions were lifted and venues could have up to their capacity again. This was the news we needed so we could finalize everything. It was now June, and before we knew it, our wedding was here! It all happened so fast and before we knew it we were married and moving in together. Our wedding day was wonderful, we were blessed with great weather, great people, great food, and great music. There is not one thing we would change about our day. Thank you to everyone that made it possible.”

Photographer: Trisha Spencer with XSPERIENCE PHOTOGRAPHY | Venue: KELLY INN, St. Cloud Minnesota | Church: NEW LIFE CHURCH, Foley, Minnesota | DJ: IMPRESSIONS MOBILE MUSIC | Food: THE GREEN MILL, connected to the Kelly Inn | Decorator: ARCH ANGELS WEDDING DECOR





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