Black Beach Engagement Session | Devyani + Danny

I headed up north to the incredible Black Beach of the North Shore of Minnesota to meet an equally as incredible couple, Devyani and Danny to celebrate their engagement!

How did you Meet?

“We met online on bumble. Random story for you: Back when we started dating, Danny was traveling A LOT for work. Something on the lines of Japan, Italy, Germany, North Carolina, Texas, China, Chicago- all within 2 months after meeting me and going on like 2 dates. He kept texting all the time. And like every woman out there, I promised myself this time I will not date somebody who is not available or ready for all the right reasons. We could be friends since we had a lot in common if nothing else. So decided to just level set on this with him after he came back from Chicago. But, I got a much awaited promotion that evening just a few minutes before I was going to meet him and I did not want the memory of that special day to include breaking up with this guy. I met him, and oddly enough it was a complete 180. It was more of him admitting how he was traveling like crazy and how he wanted to pursue this seriously, so we gave it it one more shot. I guess the rest is history.” ~Devyani

Why did you choose Black Beach for your Destination Engagement Location?

“We are both beach people. And we made a lot of memories in the Duluth Area during our first mini trip where we accidentally stumbled on this beautiful black sand beach.”

What are your wedding plans?

“We celebrated both our birthdays in Italy back in 2019. We fell in love with everything there. Since my family is based in India and his is here in the USA, we were hoping to have a destination wedding. But with everything going on in the world, we decided to find our version of Italy somewhere local to us in Wisconsin where we currently live. We found Villa Bellezza in Pepin, WI. It is a beautiful vineyard which feels like you are walking around in Tuscany.”

Devayani, What do you love most about Danny?

“He is my person. He’s there for me through all the ups and downs and everything in-between.”

Danny, What do you love most about Devyani?

“She balances everything for me. Life, Work, Family, Expectations… like the calm in my chaos.”

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