Black Beach Elopement | Silver Bay, Minnesota

Would you believe me if I said the first time I ever visited Black Beach in Silver Bay, Minnesota was last year?! I spent so many years traveling and searching for the perfect elopement destinations in the states I dreamed of traveling too, that I forgot to explore Minnesota more. Almost every year since I was a child I visited Duluth and Gooseberry Falls, but I think we were so sick of driving by then that we never continued north.

Now enough about me and this incredible Minnesota elopement location… you must meet this beautiful, inside and out, couple Jaclyn and Casey!!

We have a unique story with God written all over it! We both are divorced with kids of our own. I (Jaclyn) have two boys and Casey has a daughter. We met very shortly after my divorce and the connection we had was undeniable. We bonded very quickly over our similar stories, and being parents. At the time we lived 2 hours apart, so long distance was our reality. Quickly we both realized this was the real deal and we couldn’t stand to be apart any longer. 3 months in we started plans of moving in together to close the distance. We went through many hoops to be together with our complicated situation, and there were many times we both felt defeated. Still there was an undeniable understanding that we were each others soulmate and no matter what, we’d be together and make our dreams of being a combined family, a reality. In June we bought a beautiful home for our family, July Casey popped the question, and we eloped only September! People always say “wow that moved fast!” And it did! When you find the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. We are each others second chance at love and a beautiful family.  Never give up on love!


Planning: ELOPE WEST | Photography + Video: XSPERIENCE PHOTOGRAPHY, Little Falls MN | Florals: SAFFRON & GREY, Duluth MN

Meet the crew. My Daughter Halle as the drone pilot. My youngest daughter Layna as the stylist. Kiley as the babysitter so Layna doesn’t fall off the cliffs.





Minnesota based, Travel encouraged.

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