Dreams do come true…I photographed a gorgeous couple in ALASKA!! I don’t know why, but I always thought of Alaska as one of those far away places that I could never afford to see with my own eyes. When I met with Nicole and Brian to discuss their local wedding to be held in my previous hometown, Gilman, Minnesota, they happened to mention that Nicole’s family was heading to Alaska in just a few short weeks. It was in that brief moment, I excitedly threw out the idea of having their engagement session there! Since the two are adventurers at heart, it didn’t take them long to jump on board.

A few weeks later…we played and danced in the foothills of the Kenai Mountains in Girdwood, Alaska. Rain decided to join us that evening so we met up again the next morning and headed towards Anchorage to capture some more beautiful views and iconic Alaska landmarks, like the Railroad tracks along the coast and the wild purple flowers that blossom in the mountains.

So what is the moral of this story? STOP dreaming and START doing!!! We are only limited by our thoughts (ok, and money, but my Grandpa always said “what good is money when you’re in your grave”…and he’s a smart man;)

The Gapinski Family received a Bonus Family Session since we were surrounded by all this beauty. You can see them featured by clicking HERE.

Alaska is currently offered as a Pop-Up Elopement if you can see you and your love enjoying these same views:) CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE





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