A Woodsy Destination Wedding in Wisconsin

I hope none of my past brides are reading this because I must say “This is my favorite wedding I’ve ever shot!!”… There are plenty of close seconds though;) I’m not sure if it was the chill bride who embraced her day, looked at her new hubby like it was their first date, and matched my taste in decor to a T; or the amazing outdoor venue and people who filled it. Regardless, I would do it over and over again.

As I watched and listened to Britt and Jordon exchange vows, I knew I had to get my hands on those words to share with you all. I truly believe we should all aspire to find such a love…

” Jordon has always known how my make me laugh until my stomach hurts and has loved me more than I have ever known was possible. I knew within the first week of dating Jordon that I could not picture my life without him. He selflessly loves me more than anything in the world and does whatever he needs to make sure I am happy. He has been my very best friend through good times and bad. I knew I found a good man when every day he makes me want to be a better woman. I love him because he is adventurous and strong. I love him because he loves his family and friends as fiercely as I love mine and my family has become his. I love that he values our differences just as much as our common ground. I love that he follows his dreams and has the most unbelievable amount of passion in what he is doing every single day. I love how he always makes sure I know, whichever direction our life goes, it will be a good one. I love how he celebrates great things but also finds the positives in the not so great things. He truly is a good person. I love that his hand fits perfectly into mine and he always knows the right times to hold it, whether I am feeling scared or just need a moment of love. I cannot wait to be his wife, I have never been so sure about one thing in my life.” 

“Brittany has a strength I have never known, in times of conflict she is calm, loving, and caring. She is so pure, empathic in ways I could only aspire to be. Since the moment I met her, I’ve become a better person just from being in her presence. She loves in a selfless way and this may be what I admire most about her. Of course, she is beautiful and something I never mean to downplay. Her smile always lights my heart and no matter what kind of day I am having, she will put it right back on track. Although it is the way she loves me and the people she loves that melts my heart. Brittany is the type of friend that would give endlessly and never ask for anything in return, an unconditional love. Together we are a team that supports each other in the hard times and can celebrate in the good times. There is nothing more I could have ever wished for in a partner for life. Brittany is my best friend and everything that she is, is everything that I will ever need. I am so in love with her and always will be.” 

Photographer: Xsperience Photography | Venue: The Atrium, Solon Springs WI | Catering: Black Woods from Duluth, MN | Videographer: 320 Studios | more to come….





Minnesota based, Travel encouraged.

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