When It Snows On Your Wedding Day

Yes, snow on your wedding day in January here in the great state of Minnesota is expected. Wearing Uggs, furs and mittens when attempting outdoor photos…also expected; But snow at your early October wedding is a bit of surprise!!

Allison sent me a message early in the week after seeing the crazy forecast of a possible blizzard and chilly temps. My response was, “If it makes you feel any better, only about 5% of the weddings I shoot have perfect weather here in Minnesota. It’s either really hot and humid, windy, freezing or we’re getting attacked by mosquitoes lol.” She said, “that actually does make me feel better:)” I went on to say we will embrace whatever the day brings and know that it’s what makes your day unique and yours. “If you have your heart set on outdoor photos”…which most my brides do since that is what I specialize in, “then we do it regardless”. I emphasized “quality over quantity” meaning we choose the shots we need, brave the cold, make them beautiful and we’re all happy (and hopefully can still feel our fingers and toes at the end of the day;)

Allison also had her heart set on a hayride from the church to the local bar in Mora. The wedding party was young and spunky so they hopped on board with big jackets, blankets and even some plastic bags wrapped around their butts to keep them dry on the wet hay bales. Now that’s some real wedding inspiration all brides need to know when planning a wedding here in Minnesota or those heading to the mountains where there’s always a chance of snow… and hay rides!!

Luckily Allison and Justin were high school sweethearts, so since a lot of their sweet memories were created in the Mora High School, it made perfect sense to head to the warm indoors and capture some fun moments there.

Photography: Xsperience Photography | Reception: The Grand Event Center, Mora MN





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