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Limor and Shauna left the city life of London to enjoy a sweet, intimate wedding in the sunny desert of Tucson, Arizona. They love their supporting and adoring family to pieces, but a stress-free, intimate elopement appealed to both of them, and the Universe/aka Google sent them to me! Before I share their story with you all I want to shout off the roof top how beautiful the love is between these two lovely ladies. Their energy is contagious, their spontaneity admirable, and their zest for life is apparent in all they do and say. Everyone deserves a love like this.

Why did you decide to Elope?

We chose to Elope for a couple of reasons.  We always knew we wanted to get married in a hot climate or a season where the sun was a guarantee, and we got impatient waiting for England’s sun to shine. That, and of course Covid, took away a lot of opportunities! We always dreamed of getting married abroad, but with both our families coming from abroad it would be even harder to navigate through the pandemic. After two years of being engaged, we decided eloping suited us the most. We are both introverted people and prefer something small and intimate, and also adventurous and explorative people, so eloping became the best option for us. 

Why did you choose Tucson, Arizona for your wedding destination?

Tucson Arizona was a random choice to begin with. Shauna was turning 30 in December and we were looking at places to travel to so we could celebrate. When we considered The US we thought wait a second, you can get married there easily right? We researched it and it turned out it was a pretty simple process. Limor has always dreamt of getting married in the desert and Arizona was always a place we’d both dreamt of visiting, so the combination was almost serendipitous. 

How was your experience with Xsperience Photography?

Working with Trisha made our day all that much better. From the very beginning she was assuring, friendly helpful and had such a kindness and positive energy. She stepped in as our officiant when we encountered a hiccup with the one we originally booked. She was willing to help every step of the way and we couldn’t have been more grateful. During the day it was like having a friend with us, someone we were genuinely happy to share our day with. She also put us at ease, we never felt like we had to change, adapt or behave a certain way because there was a camera there documenting us the entire time. We were completely natural, and that’s partly her doing, we felt her presence more than the cameras and it was comfortable the entire time. We also had laughs with her, giggles, shared stories, wine and cake and we will always be so thankful that she was part of the experience. 

What was your favorite part about the elopement?

Our favourite part of eloping was definitely the ease of the process, but also enjoying the experience just the two of us. We bounced off each others excitement, we kept our dresses a surprise from one another. Every part of the experience was special, emotional, personal, and also an adventure. Navigating and planning an elopement from thousands of miles away was no easy task, but with people like Trisha on our team it was a giant success. 

Do you have any words of wisdom to share with the LGBTQ+ Community?

We would say to the LGBT+ community or any person from any community is to go about getting married in a way that suits you. Tailor your day in a way that suits your characters your styles and the relationship you are in. If you love traveling, travel somewhere that you’ve dreamt of, and know it is all possible. Set your priorities, or look at the ones that really matter. We both love our families dearly and knew it would be difficult without them there, we cried about it, struggled with it at times but marriage is between two people who love each other and this truly was something for us. Also don’t forget that experiences are shared in other ways too. Photographs, videos, stories, they all represent the energy and the love that was experienced that day. 

What are your future plans?

Our future plans definitely involve creating a family of our own. We both want children, and hopefully that will be on the cards very soon. We are both also very much considering living abroad one day- we both have family all over the world, and in much hotter climates, so we are definitely considering it. We dream of our children having access to the beach on weekends and playing in the sand. We want to find a home which represents us, with nature at our fingertips so hopefully that will be in our future. 

Limor, What do you love about Shauna?

I love Shaunas uniqueness- she’s always thought outside the box, and has a distinct way of observing the world and the people who inhabit it, she’s a lover of knowledge and we can talk for hours. I also love how she tries her best and will never walk away from doing or being better, her loyalty is fierce and I feel that commitment from her everyday. She is a beautiful and strong woman who I know will be the best companion for this journey we call life. I also love how endearing she can be, she’s gentle and kind and so literal sometimes it makes me laugh. I couldn’t ask for a better person to spend my every days with. 

Shauna, What do you love about Limor?

I love Limor’s ability to flow through the world, she’s open and warm and can talk to anyone- she’s also really funny and that’s a quality I’ve always loved about her. She has such an adventurous spirit and makes the best travel itineraries. By nature she is creative, philosophical and affectionate but also rational and methodical so I always feel taken care of. She’s also the best cook, which I think comes from her Moroccan ancestors! We both come from places which place importance on family and food and love, our values sync up and being with her has always been effortless. We are best friends and I’m so happy to finally call her my wife. 

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