A Fun Fall Minnesota Country Wedding

Kayla and Austin embraced their small town country roots and hosted a FUN Fall wedding right here in Central Minnesota!! Their daughter was at the center of every heartfelt moment. They also included the the kids Kayla used to nanny since they have been a big part of her life. The kids appeared to have just as much celebrating as the bride and groom did.

The backyard ceremony was held on a brisk October Fall day. October in Minnesota can feel like a warm sunshiny day Or a bitter cold winter blizzard, so while there was a chill in the air, it turned out to be absolutely perfect.

What was your favorite parts of the wedding day?

Our favorite part of the day was doing the first look and our vows and the burn outs we did before our reception. 

The first look was special between us just because it was us then Ella joined as well and it was just nice to be together. The vows were special to us because we did them during our first look and it felt more intimate to us. 

Burnouts being Austin’s favorite part well because…in his words…

“who doesn’t like to burn some tires” 

Tell us about the beautiful outdoor space you chose for your wedding ceremony

We chose this spot from a family friend who means a lot to us. Him and his wife have a beautiful place and were so kind and generous towards us, it was truly beautiful, we actually got a super pretty sunrise the morning of our wedding, the sky was pink while it was short lived it was beautiful and made it feel special for us 

How did you include the kids on your wedding day?

We included Ella (our daughter) by letting her hold onto my dress to look like she was trying it on, she got be included in our first look when she joined us. Instead of flower girls- we did bubble girls and a toddler with a bubble gun worked out perfectly! We had one other flower girl, Elin who I use to nanny for years and she was a big part of my life. Elins, twin brother William was our ring security who has also been in my life forever. All three of them did so good that day and I am truly impressed with them! 

Ella and Elin were pumped about the bubble guns they thought it was coolest thing ever! 

William got to bring carry the rings down the aisle for us, and his dad officiated the wedding so we was excited to stand next to dad during the wedding. 

Ella and Elin loved the burn outs, William stayed inside were it was warm haha 

But all three of them love to dance so once that chance came they were all happy to get out and bust a move! 


Photography | XSPERIENCE PHOTOGRAPHY, Little Falls MN

Videographer | PRECIOUS FILM CO, Bowlus MN





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