You have the camera and the dream, but now what? Now you get to choose whether to sit on it, or, put it into action. I know how intimidating it can be to go from a hobby photographer to a paid professional. Especially when we see all the awesomeness out there and start the comparison mind game.


Well I'd love to get you past that point and start you off with confidence and real knowledge...not all the fluff others might sell you...sorry I'm all about keeping it real;) We, as wedding photographers are trusted with some pretty important memories so the "fake it till you make it" motto doesn't fly with me.


Choose from one of the opportunities below if you're ready to build your portfolio, target your style of clients, gain confidence when shooting, fine-tune your editing process and brand, and most importantly, learn how valuable you truly are!

together we can

bring life to your dream

branding session

branding session

$1200 + travel

If you're an aspiring photographer and have a vision of what your business is, but need help portraying it to your target client, let's dive in together and create images that truly reflect your brand. Your brand is one of the most important puzzle pieces in your business. It's your online voice and identity. And there's nothing more powerful than impactful photos. This will elevate your brand and speak to the kind of clients you resonate with.

Pre-Consult to discuss your goals

vision board

models and styling

one-on-one styled shoot

(great for new photographers wanting to shoot alongside of me)

Headshots of you

video clip of you in action


Travel + LODGING fees may apply | discount for groups if you want to bring your photographer friends


also great for venues + vendors needing portfolio


Congrats on picking up a camera and falling in love with its possibilities!! It truly is an addicting and rewarding job. I fell in love back in high school, photographed my first wedding in 2002 and haven't looked back since. Well, that's a bit of a lie...a few times I wondered what the heck I got myself into, but thank goodness I'm stubborn enough to keep trudging along because it's what I'm meant to do. I made plenty of rookie mistakes and I'm here to help you avoid those. College is great, but one-on-one mentoring from someone who has "been there, done that" is invaluable. I shoot both film and digital if you want to grow in either medium. I primarily photograph couples now, but I have (and still do when time permits) photograph families, seniors and real estate. My mentoring will help you find your niche in this overly saturated market and give you the confidence and knowledge needed to provide your clients with quality.

Trisha Lynn x

Mentor session

If you want to go from hobbyist to pro

$2200 (about 100,000 less than a college degree)

Pre-Consult to discuss your vision

portfolio, SOCIAL MEDIA + Website review

shooting, posing + Gear advice

one-on-one styled shoot


culling + editing assistance

shadowing opportunity at A WEDDING or session

a new friend AND CHEERLEADER in your corner!

SEE SOME sample



the power of a photograph

People remember 10 percent of what they hear, 20 percent of what they read, and 80 percent of what they see.


Photography enables us to bring a perspective to a person, place or thing that may go unnoticed if not for the gift of freezing it in time. It has been used for marketing purposes for as long as we all can remember, and for good reason. It has the power to actually manipulate our thoughts and memories based on what emotions are triggered. It is a huge competitive differentiator amongst businesses, and continues to grow in value as our world becomes more online driven.


That's why I dedicate a good chunk of my time helping businesses find their voice through photography. Whether you're a social influencer, an Airbnb host, a luxury resort, or a fellow photographer...I've got you covered!

the Xsperience x

social influencer

$1000/day + travel

When you're a social influencer, Your brand is "You". It doesn't get much more personal than that. You're reeling with ideas and can see in your head the type of imagery you want to share. The captions are already being typed out. Now you just need the photos to make the caption more impactful. That's where I come in. From morning to night we can hike, camp, fish, read, sip coffee, plant a garden, do some yoga...whatever speaks to your brand and vision. There will be enough time to allow things to naturally unfold to create the kind of images that speak to the authentic soul. You'll have rights to these images to use on your social media feeds as well as on your website or blog.

pre-consult to discuss vision

1 day (max 8 hours)

documentary and some posed

models if you're a business (fee if professionals requested)

online gallery with high resolution images

approximately 200 images/day

collaborator on 2 Instagram reels created by me

some video clips for you to create your own


Travel fees may be waived if photographer wishes to make a vacation out of it or is already on-location

travel content creator

After sharing wedding stories from all around the world, I gained nearly 5000 loyal followers on Instagram, and over half are there to get travel advice instead of wedding inspiration. I love when I re-post a travel reel and receive a message saying "I brought my family there last winter because I saw this video! Keep sharing!!" That's why I added Travel Content Creator to my career. I have professional camera gear including a drone and goPro, 2 beautiful daughters willing to pose in exchange for travel and a blog that ranks well on SEO. If you own an Airbnb, Resort or a Tourist Attraction offering a fun activity, let's create some compelling visuals for you to share!


$600/day + travel for 2

pre-consult to discuss vision

1 day (max 8 hours)

documentary coverage only

REal people, REal Place, REal emotions

**additional fee to cover models and attire if posed shots are requested


online gallery with high resolution images

approximately 20 images/day

A few video clips

collaborator on 2 Instagram reels created by me

instagram post

blog post professionally written for Seo


Travel fees may be waived if photographer wishes to make a vacation out of it or is already on-location

North shore wedding workshop

currently only offering one-on-one, but may add a workshop in 2024, email if interested and if you have a location in mind!

ready for progress

let's chat

Trisha x


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Minnesota based, Travel encouraged.

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