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I love when good people take their beliefs and turn it into a side business for all to enjoy. These Kids Are Wild is a t-shirt clothing line created by the Thacker Family. Here is their story:

“Like most folk, our love story with nature began when we were kids. I do have to admit that my love of and connection to nature is different than my husbands though. Let me explain…. My husband interacted with nature through family trips and Scouts–typically spending his time challenging himself in nature and learning new skills. As for me, I was the casual, play-all-day at the beach and barefoot in the backyard kid who also got to do a lot of traveling by R.V. He gained valuable nature knowledge and skills; I developed a more emotional and spiritual connection to nature. While we took different routes getting here, we both value nature and all it has to offer us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

“We believe that all children have a right to access, and spend ample time, with reasonable freedom, in nature with other kids in order to develop skills which are crucial to their social, emotional and physical health.”

That belief along with the birth of their two beautiful daughters was the foundation for the start of a new adventure we know as These Kids Are Wild! “When looking for nature-themed clothing for my children, I found there just wasn’t much around. I wanted solid messaging and less gender stereotyping. I especially wanted some “girl empowerment” messaging as well. I thought it would be amazing to spread our “wild values” effortlessly through our fashion.

Photography: Xsperience Photography | Venue: Flicek Stables, Fort Ripley MN | T-Shirts created by: These Kids Are Wild





Minnesota based, Travel encouraged.

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