Second Chance Love | MN Winter Wedding

Freezing or not, a second chance love as pure as Brad and Sarah’s can warm anyones heart.  Sarah shared their story with me…

“I moved to Foley when I was in 6th grade and Brad says he knew the first time he saw my freckles that I was the girl he was going to marry. I remember him on and off all the way through school (Brad’s impossible to forget;) but we didn’t officially date until 2000. Our relationship lasted a couple years before we decided to take our lives in another direction. We continued to hang out after I moved to the cities, but my life in Tennessee distanced us for a decade. We just started talking again around Christmas time of 2014. He proposed at Christmas a year later and that’s why we chose Christmas time of 2017 for our wedding day.”

I’ve known Brad since I was little.  We were neighbors, went to Sunday School at this cute little Popple Creek Church, rode the same bus, and have remained BFFLS (best friends for life, seriously) through every crazy direction our lives have taken us.  I have to smile when I read the words Sarah wrote to him on their wedding morning, because I’m so happy he is getting the wife and girls he deserves.

Today is the day. The day we have dreamed about for awhile. I can not imagine giving you any other gift than this one. You have turned my world upside down and shown me what true love really is. Your hard work and dedication to us is what makes you so incredibly irreplaceable. Every day you show me what true love is and what it’s supposed to be, and for that I will be forever grateful. You picked me up and brought me back to life and showed me all things are possible. Inspired me to love harder and be a better mom and show our kids that love is real. You deserve so much, for the hard work that you do for us as a family. I’m so proud of how far we have come and what we have accomplished. For how we have grown as a couple and a family. When I say I am the luckiest girl in the world I mean it because you are hands down the most amazing person in my life at any given moment. You are my calm in the storm, and my sunshine in the rainstorm. So with that, I hope I make you the proudest and happiest person. I am excited for what every day has to bring us. The adventures we get to do together. I am excited to be yours forever and get to be called your wife. I love you sooo much and the best is yet to come. I hope you enjoy your gift because you deserve it. Love you forever, your soon to be wife.

Now…I specialize in outdoor photography so I was all about snapping a few pics outside regardless of temperature, but this 8 below day put all of us Minnesotans to the test (one of my camera’s is still in shock and recuperating in the closet)!!

CHURCH: Popple Creek | RECEPTION: Coyote Moon | FLOWERS: Kayla at Falls Floral in Little Falls | DJ: Soulful Sounder | DRESS: Carrie Johnson’s Bridal | DRESS DESIGNER: Stella York | HAIR: Amber Ternet | MAKEUP: Cassie Van | RING BOX: Flowertownweddings, Etsy | DONUTS: Dutch Maid Bakery | DONUT HOLDERS: made by Brad | BRIDESMAID SHAWLS: made by Sarah | BOUQUET WRAP: Sarah’s late Grandma’s belt from a dress she wore all the time | TABLE CENTER PIECES: made by Brad | BRIDESMAIDS MITTENS: made by Brad’s Sister-in-law Tammy

“Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.”







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