Session Giveaway 2016 / Coos Bay, Oregon

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I wish different circumstances brought me to Oregon, but sometimes even the most unimaginable things can shed a new light on life.   After Michelle shared her story with us, I knew our paths had crossed for a reason.  I wanted my job to bring joy to people and remind them how everyday happenings or family adventures are the greatest gifts in our lives.  And Michelle was in need of a dose of joy after a traumatizing event left her feeling stressed and hopeless.  She could still barely speak of the horrible day in October when her world was flipped upside down.  Her family decided to move to Oregon to give their little girl a better education and Michelle thought she would improve her life as well and go back to College for a RN degree.  On October 1st she headed to school only to find herself hiding under a desk wondering when it was  her turn to die.  In the classroom next to her, a student open-fired killing 10 innocent Christians and injuring 7.  It gives me chills speaking of it and I want this experience and these words to be an uplifting one for Michelle so we will leave the details out and let the photos we captured remind her that even in a world that seems dark at times, the good will eventually shine again, and often times brighter than the days prior because we gain a deeper sense of what truly matters.

And since Oregon is filled with beauty and wonder in literally every direction you look, I will be sharing some of my favorite images I was able to capture while having the privilege of combining two things I value dearly…my job and my family.  Thanks for tagging along Mom and Halle!!

Driftwood Hotel Room View, Florence, OR

Sunset Beach Cove, Coos Bay

Mike, Mya, Makayla & Michelle
So much LOVE:)

Ahhh…High tide!!

3 Generations…thanks Mike for the photography skills!

Sea Lion Caves, Florence, OR

Sea Lion Caves, Florence, OR

Sand Dunes, Florence, OR





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