Meet Us

We are a bunch of free spirits making the most out of the amazing lives God has blessed us with. “We” include:

Trisha [mother & photographer with an inquisitive mind and soft heart]

Halle [even softer heart & a spirit made of pure gold]

Layna [even more inquisitive & more spirited; & sent to earth to teach her mama patience]

Yogi [man of the house & knows it]

Hazel [Yogi’s companion & our snuggle bug]

“I am happiest when I am behind my camera capturing true love and real life; and when I am experiencing wondrous and exciting things with my beautiful girls. My Mom taught me to always do my best and work hard & my Dad taught me to not take life too seriously, so I chose a career that allows me to grow as an individual, entrepreneur and artist, while allowing me to enjoy every second of it!”