How To Survive A Cold Engagement Session

When it’s chilly but you still want some pretty engagement photos to remember this special time in your life, just DO IT!!! If you dress appropriately and are okay with holding hands and snuggling then you are good to go;)

Sweaters photograph beautifully, and jackets, as long as they’re not bulky and full of logos, can also photograph nice. It may not be your number one choice for an outfit, but purple lips, chattering teeth and a cold grimace frozen on your face is definitely not a prettier option. Scarfs, blankets, and hats can be a cute addition too. Just snap a few without the hat first before the hair gets flat so you have both options.

I recommend boots so you have the option of going in some snow. Karla had some cute low cut boots on, but Matt had shoes for this particular session so we stayed on the plowed roads in the park and still had some pretty options, but if we were out in the countryside without plowed roads, high boots would have been a must!!

Lastly, a mini session when it’s below freezing might be perfect. Think quality over quantity. You may not have a second outfit or a variety of backdrops, but you’ll look happy and in love and that is what really matters!! This session is a sample of a half hour mini session. If we would have done a full session then we would have taken a little warm up break in the middle while swapping out clothes.

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