Freezing Minneapolis Engagement Session

Since Anastasia and Aaron will be celebrating their wedding in northern Minnesota’s beautiful summer months, they thought it would be fun to capture another one of their favorites seasons, winter!! It was freezing, actually below freezing, but these two could warm anyone’s heart. Here’s their sweet story…

Anastasia and Aaron had their first date on April 4, 2017.  Although first dates can be both awkward and hopeful, the shared feeling was one of ease and enjoyment in each others company. They discussed Anastasia’s love for the yogic lifestyle, Aaron’s musical background, stories about their families, their passions, and a shared love for South Minneapolis. A walk back to their cars found them parting ways, but not before Anastasia snuck in one quick kiss. 

First dates turned into yoga classes, long summer nights, new traditions, travel, and desire to never be separated again. That first summer, and all the time that has followed, they experienced all that life has to offer as a new couple. From trips to Colorado, Europe, and National Parks, to deciding to purchase a home together and start a shared life of commitment and intention—life continued to be effortless and joyful for the happy couple.

On November 16, 2019, Aaron, Anastasia and Ryker set out on a hike at YMCA Camp Northern Lights. It was a lovely 40 degree day on a weekend that was one of the first colder weekends of winter, creating ideal conditions for Aaron to make a move with the ring that had been burning a hole in his pocket. Sitting at a bench overlooking the water was the moment in which Aaron offered one idea about the weekend:

“Earlier today, you asked me if there was anything that would make this weekend complete,” he offered. “Well, there is one thing I can think of—a question I have been meaning to ask for a long time.” He turned to face Anastasia and asked, “Anastasia Nicole Anderson, will you marry me?”

This was met with shrieks of joy and happy tears (and an excited, jumping Ryker). Anastasia had said “Yes!

Since then, they have spent many weeks into months enjoying being with each other and their friends and family. They are beyond excited to share an intimate moment which will truly start their lives together.

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