Ellie Murphy | Foley Class of 2020

Join us as we celebrate the stunning Ellie in the charming, historical town of Stillwater.

  • Favorite activities | Volleyball, Socializing and Working at the nursing home.
  • Future Plans | She’s hoping to play volleyball in college and pursue a degree in the medical field.
  • Favorite Quote | kill them with kindness, “My dad has said this quote to me a few times and it has always stuck with me. I believe being kind will take you much farther in life and give you a life filled with more happiness.”}

It was such a fun and meaningful adventure as Ellie, along with her Mom, Aunt and both Grandma’s celebrated her life and accomplishments in the historical downtown Stillwater.

“Stillwater is the place Monte and I visit every year for our Anniversary. It’s the perfect balance of fun, old charm and beauty. Cheesy as this may sound, those are the words I would also use to describe Ellie so I figured it would be the perfect place for her Senior session.” ~Angie, her mama

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