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Whispers of the Wife in Me…

This soft-hearted photoshoot took place at an isolated horse ranch in northern MN.  With simple elegance Rachael effortlessly escapes to her outdoor oasis and prepares for life as a new wife.  With a gentleness and hush among the white peonies, she mediates the wonder of everlasting love. As her ombre hair cascades down her shoulders, and her blue-gray dress blows in the breeze, she silently sings her spiritual song, envisioning a life of happiness and health with her partner.  With the grace and meekness of this classic country photoshoot, it is destiny that Rachael translates to “sheep” in Hebrew.

On a warm, spring evening, the silver olive branches and lilacs brought together by Falls Floral help tell the story of a quiet, nomadic scene where a young woman relishes in her inner peace and ruminates on a love she will share in for all her life.    

Flowers | Falls Floral, Little Falls MN

HMUA | Nikki Popp

Dress |

Location | Flicek Stables





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