A Bride And Her Daughter | Elopement Inspiration

It takes a special bond with someone pretty great to make the leap into marriage. The only bond that could possibly be stronger than that is the bond between a bride and her daughter. Especially when then little girl spent a good portion of her life not having to share her mom with another. That could be a scary or sad thing for kids. So what is a great way to make a wedding, or more in particular an elopement, an exciting and extra special thing for the daughter or child?? Instead of a groom’s dinner, have a day before adventure together.

Here is an inspirational idea for an elopement in Arizona. The day before the elopement, the mother and daughter rent this adorable condo in Scottsdale available on Airbnb {link here}. They spend the day playing games, swimming, sharing laughs, painting each other’s nails, and end the evening watching a movie. Then the best part is when they walk across the street to the Farmer’s Market where they purchase flowers and actually create the bouquet together!! It’s a sweet bonding moment that also serves as an important piece to the elopement taking place the following evening at South Mountain in Phoenix.

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